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Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees have dipped below than those of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), marking a blow to one of the hard fork’s central remits. Battle Of The Satoshis Data from monitoring resources Wednesday confirms the turnaround as BTC continues to ...
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On the back of Bitcoin’s recent correction and subsequent push back towards the $12K mark, long-time Bitcoin nonbeliever Mark Carney claims that the dominant cryptocurrency has failed on almost every front. Bank of England, Unsurprisingly, Doesn’t Like Bitcoin According to ...
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Israel Tax Authority issued a professional circular on February 19 (4 Adar 5768), clarifying the country’s tax policy on cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoin in particular. “Bitcoin and its like” are discussed in what’s referred to as a “final circular” ...
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This could have been the best possible for Bitcoin to end the week as it climbed above the $11,000 for the first time since the Jan dip which event showcased a speedy sell-off by traders and want-to-be investors. The violent ...
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Bitcoin price has remained above $10,000 despite its rapid retrace over the weekend when market momentum suddenly fizzled out. Vays Hints At ‘Bullish’ Daily, Weekly Outlook After passing $11,000 in Sunday trading, BTC/USD peaked at $11,283 on Bitstamp before dropping ...
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As demand returns to the markets South Korea is once again leading the way for trade volume. Bitcoin recorded a monthly high trading volume on exchanges in the country as fears of clampdowns subside and confidence returns to the crypto ...
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U.S. states with positive attitudes have advanced towards bitcoin legalization – a process that a growing number of elected officials consider inevitable, if not desirable. Numerous crypto-friendly bills have been introduced, and some of them have received approval in committees ...
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If you own bitcoin and are looking to track movements in this popular cryptocurrency’s value, then look no further than our cutting edge, up to date BTC price chart.

You’ve heard about it on the news, read about it on social media and seen it in articles and books. But what exactly is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is arguably the world’s most famous cryptocurrency, or “virtual money”. Unlike many physical currencies, it’s not maintained by a central authority. Instead, it’s organised on a peer-to-peer basis. This means that the only people who govern it (and make decisions on issues like the authenticity of those making the transactions) are the other users of the currency.

Bitcoin, therefore, comes with many advantages. Compared to “real world” payments, for example, bitcoin transactions settle very quickly. Often, the confirmation time for the transactions is just a few minutes. Confirmation times for more traditional types of transaction – such as those made on credit cards – can be longer, leaving the user feeling frustrated.

Here at Coinrate, we’ve got all the latest market movements tracked in a simple, easy-to-use graph. It’s designed to help you decide whether to buy or sell bitcoin. We’re here to supply you with information about everything from bitcoin’s value in physical currency to its current level of volatility.

With our bitcoin price chart, you can easily find out at a glance whether the value has gone up or down in the last few minutes, hours, days or weeks. You can then feed this information into your bitcoin investment decisions. And with our bitcoin exchange rate tracker, you can easily comprehend how much your bitcoin is worth in physical currencies such as British pounds, United States dollars, Euros and many more.

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