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Top 3 Crypto Exchanges for Beginners

Here’re the top picks of crypto exchanges perfect for beginners to start making money with crypto fast and easy! Are you still waiting for the best time to enter the crypto market? This moment has come, so get ready!
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Where to Earn Easily and Fast?

It’s soon 2022, and you haven’t entered the crypto space yet? Stop putting it off and waiting for the best time! We understand how difficult it can be sometimes to make up your mind to begin, but everything is in your hands! Come on board! You’re in the right place. We’ll show you the 3 best crypto exchanges including Galaxy, OKex, and Changelly! Stay tuned and keep on reading! Let’s go!

Number 1. OKEx 

OKEx is an advanced crypto exchange where you can easily buy, sell, and trade your assets. It supports spot, margin, and advanced trading options such as futures, options, etc. You’ll get a flurry of opportunities here! Besides, it’s maximum easy to start! What you need to do is just: 

  1. Sign up
  2. Secure your account
  3. Verify KYC 
  4. Set preferences
  5. Deposit or Buy 
  6. Start earning on OKEx 

Why OKEx?

  • A wide range of fiat currencies to open an account
  • Educational resources
  • A broad suite of offerings
  • High-interest products
  • Low fees
  • Multiple trading pairs
  • Easy-to-use Buy/Sell dashboard 
  • Quick and effective tech support with online chat
  • Availability


OKEx offers advanced financial services as well as excellent primers for anyone new to crypto. It boasts a huge list of services including flexible borrowing and ways to earn interest on staked tokens. OKEx provides simple and complex trading tools, proof-of-work crypto mining, and DeFi liquidity mining. The basic version is a good starting point for beginners, for experienced traders, there is advanced with a more comprehensive dashboard. 

Start earning on OKEx

Number 2. Coin Galaxy

One more option for beginners to enter the crypto market and start earning is Coin Galaxy. This is a centralized crypto exchange for any level users with simple functionality and intuitive interface, and profitable transactions! Moreover, it has a high level of security and data protection. Here users of any level can make profitable transactions. The average Commission rate on cryptocurrency exchanges is about 0.1%, which makes the exchange very attractive and profitable for their owners as well.

Why Coin Galaxy?

  • Availability
  • Low fees
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Guides on how to trade crypto from zero
  • High-security level


One of the goals of Coin Galaxy is to introduce cryptocurrency into the daily life of every person, regardless of their place of residence and social status. You can even become a co-owner and benefit from the exchange’s income. To do that, you need to possess CGC tokens. You will receive dividends from the exchange’s activities. The exchange tokens are also used to pay commission for trading transactions by exchange users. That’s a great opportunity, don’t miss out on it!

Start earning on Coin Galaxy

Number 3. Changelly

Changelly is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange offering almost 200 different cryptos. It features an easy-to-use service and lets you trade cryptocurrencies at low fees. Changelly has the lowest fee of 0.25%* and a smart algorithm that selects the best rate on the market. A very popular website, the best choice for beginners! Here, you will be able to buy and exchange BTC, ETH, and 200+ altcoins just on the go!

Why Changelly?

  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Low crypto-to-crypto exchange fees
  • Integrates with various wallets
  • Anonymous
  • Easy to use
  • More than 200+ assets are available
  • Industry-leading security and transaction speed

Changelly represents a whole ecosystem of products and services being a one-stop place for buying, selling, trading, and swapping crypto. It operates since 2015 and has more than 200 crypto assets listed. Changelly has an intuitive platform for fast crypto exchanges and is trusted by 3 million users with a large social network community ranging from crypto beginners to experts alike. This is reliable, market-proven, and profitable! Try Changelly, you will not regret it!

Start earning on Changelly


To generate additional income, cryptocurrency exchanges are the best choice nowadays! Here, you don’t need to have a license, certificate, or higher special education to start earning! Just small initial investments and you’re in!

The crypto market is booming with various crypto exchanges. Your goal is to choose the most convenient for you! We hope, this article helped you determine what can best fit your demands. We wish you successful earning with crypto and high profits!


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