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How to Make Money Online

Today, millions of people earn online - be they freelance digital marketers or entrepreneurs. You’ve got all chances to make money on the Internet. You just need a laptop and solid Internet connection, and one more thing to start - this article!
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Top 3 Ways to Earn Today

Quick money doesn’t always mean going for high-risk ways! To find the way to quick and easy money, pay attention to something that is

  • top-listed in the media
  • has emerged recently
  • has been tested by many 
  • has shown good results.

Quick and easy money can be made on something that is MOST TRENDY now but hasn’t become mainstream yet. No futures trading, or high volatile stocks - there’re much greater opportunities, and we’re here to tell you about them!

Let’s start our list with online games! 

Earn on GameFi

Without jokes, you can play a game and earn money for real! The cryptocurrency market is booming with GameFi! It has the full potential to dislodge the traditional video gaming market. Why? The answer is: you play and earn real bucks! 

What is GameFi?

The place where you can earn by playing games is called GameFi. The term stems from “game” and “finance”. It’s the intersection of decentralized finance (DeFi)  and the gaming industry. An example of early predecessors of GameFi is the blockbuster Elite, or life-simulation game The Sims. So, how do GameFi games work?

The baseline of GameFi is strong financial mechanisms. Every action in the game is a transaction because these games are blockchain-based. The mechanisms that monetize users’ actions vary. The main are play-to-earn model, asset ownership, and something with DeFi features.


In the Play-to-Earn model, users get rewarded for completing certain game tasks. One of the latest popular examples is Axie Infinity which rewards its users for winning battles, breeding axies, or trading on their platform

Asset Ownership Model

Here you can make money on owning unique digital assets or NFTs (e.g. in-game items). You can literally monetize whatever you want in terms of NFT. It can be a land or virtual shop in the game. Say that, in the CryptoKitties blockchain game, you can create a unique creature by breeding two NFTs’ creatures. Then, you can earn on this new asset further by selling or leasing it to other gamers!

DeFi Filling

Axie Infinity, Aavegotchi, and Nine Chronicles leverage DeFi features in the game rewarding system. They can be yield farming. liquidity mining, and staking. For example, you can get an in-game asset, and then stake it or farm it - many options and opportunities. 

Axie Infinity

The crypto gaming frenzy is going around the Axie Infinity game! What is Axie and why is all this buzz going on in there? 

Axie is a Pokemon-style game with 350,000 daily active users many of whom are earning a living by playing this game. In Axie, people play and earn, and that’s for real! You can earn tokens by winning a battle, selling them on Axie’s marketplace, and then exchanging these tokens for fiat money!

To progress through the game, you use creatures called Axies. Each Axie is an NFT that can be traded over on NFT marketplaces. For completing tasks, gamers earn SLP (Small Love Potions), which can also be bought and sold on DeFi exchanges.

Axie Infinity deploys 3 tokens:

  1. AXS (Axie Infinity) is the investment token for Axie Infinity. 

  2. Axie Infinity NFTs are the in-game creatures Axies, land, and other in-game items that can be bought and sold on the marketplace.

  3. SLPs (Small love potions) are tokens used in the game to breed Axies and level up your creatures. They are based on Ethereum and can also be bought or sold. 

How to start? 

To start, you need at least 3 Axies which you can later trade over on the Axie Infinity marketplace. Buying and selling are safe as they are executed through the Ethereum blockchain and Ethereum is the second biggest crypto after Bitcoin. 

With Axie Infinity, you can really level up your income! A lot of players quit their job because they become capable of making a living on this game. That’s a new reality that is here to stay with us, so try this new opportunity. You will not lose here anything but rather gain!

Play Axie Infinity

Earn on Staking Crypto!

The new way of generating passive income in the crypto space is staking. By staking cryptocurrency you can earn much more than with a savings account in a bank: the returns can be more than 20% annually. Besides, it’s totally decentralized, so no one controls your assets!

What is Staking?

Staking crypto means getting returns for locking up your crypto assets for a certain period of time. In other words, you get rewarded for participating in maintaining the network operation. 

  • You can get paid out daily, weekly, or at the end of the lock-up period which depends on the network. 
  • You can stake cryptocurrencies that run on PoS blockchains such as Cardano, Polkadot, Solana, Avalanche, and many more! 
  • Your staking can be flexible or fixed. In the first scenario, you can redeem your assets anytime. In the second, you should wait till the lock-up period is finished to take your assets back. 
  • The rewards come proportionally to the amount of stake.

How to Earn on Staking?

Analyze the market and choose the coins that will plummet in value during the lock-up period, or rather increase so that you can make a big profit on selling them after staking! 

The real profit depends on many factors

  • How many coins do you stake? 
  • How long is your lock-up period? 
  • Is it flexible or fixed? 

The more coins you stake, the higher profit is, the longer you stake – the higher your profit is. If you stake on the fixed terms, you will have a higher APY (annual percentage yield). If you want to hedge your funds, invest in crypto that is low-volatile.

What to do?

  1. Open a crypto wallet to store your assets
  2. Choose a crypto exchange where you will stake your coins 
  3. Open an account on the exchange
  4. Buy coins
  5. Start staking and getting rewards! 

Start Staking Here!

If you are at your wits’ end analyzing, researching, and tracking the market, you can just delegate your coins on a platform that will do all the job for you! They will help you to stake so you can just sit back, and get rewards on your balance. Explore the list of reliable and profitable platforms that will help you whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user.


Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world that has over 21.5 million users. It’s safe, reliable, and market-proven. You don’t need to dedicate your time to the technical side of staking: on Binance you can start staking with a single click. Everything will be done by Binance. Moreover, Binance doesn’t charge you any fees for staking. 

Stake on Binance



OKex is the world-leading crypto exchange with low fees and generous rewards. By staking on OKEx Pool, you’ll receive regular yields denominated in the staked assets. Also, you will be able to take part in the OKEx supernode consensus mechanism, vote on changes, and validate transactions on-chain. 

Stake on OKEx



Huobi is a crypto exchange operating in more than 130 countries all around the globe! It regularly opens highly beneficial offers on staking with a time limit and high APYs. You really need to watch what’s going on there not to miss a great money-making opportunity! Staking on Huobi is simple and user-friendly, the customer support works really fast, so you will stake crypto with no troubles!

Stake on Huobi

Earn on Sub-Affiliate Marketing

How on Earth can I make much money on sub-affiliate programs? Keep on reading! Sub-affiliate is one of the most effective and trendy ways to earn online!

How Does It Work?

Brands use sub-affiliate programs to promote their products more efficiently. It works the following way: you become a partner, attract as many sub-affiliates as you can, and create your own network of sub-affiliates who will promote the brand by bringing more referrals and generating profit for you as well. You earn a commission by doing nothing because other people work for you. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Unlike affiliate programs, sub-affiliate have a two-tier structure which allows you to earn more on commissions compared to regular affiliate programs. Why? 

How to Earn on Sub-Affiliate Programs?

While your sub-affiliates are attracting new clients, you make passive income. To earn more by participating in sub-affiliate programs, try the following. Grow your network of sub-affiliates; attract more people that will promote the brand in your network; they can be bloggers, your friends, or your acquaintances. Everything is simple and transparent. The more sub-affiliates you bring, the more you earn. So, help them with the tools and resources to successfully bring referrals to the brand. 

That’s an excellent example of generating passive income while other people are working for you! Take this perfect chance and enhance your earnings! 

Become Partner


To sum up, we’ve discussed with you today’s the most effective and trendy ways to make money online! Playing games, crypto staking, and sub-affiliate marketing is the best fit for everyone striving for financial freedom!
These options will help you to get away from your 9 to 5 job, and become a full-time entrepreneur. This way, you can get closer to living life on your terms. Be open to new opportunities, and it will become possible to earn a living on the Internet. Well, which way will you try first? 


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