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The Future Is Here: Crypto in the Form of Banknotes

The Swiss company SMD Security Printing has recently released the first cold paper wallet – Icynote. We’ve interviewed the Head of Business Development of this product, Elena Meleshko, who told us what stands behind this brand and what are its future prospects.
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Do you believe that future finances will be built around the crypto space? No matter what you are – a crypto enthusiast or a cash lover, face up the reality: cryptocurrencies have got their physical form, and Icynote is that very booster bringing it to the masses. Let’s lift up a curtain for a while and see what the future holds for us!

What is Icynote?

Icynote is a cold paper wallet that allows you to store and transfer bitcoins. It appears as a regular banknote with the highest level of security and ease of use. The aim is to make crypto available for any person on the globe, to make it physical, to make it work as regular money. 

Icynote has been created by SMD Security Printing. Could you tell us more about this company?

SMD Security Printing Sàrl is a Swiss company having expertise in different spheres: security, asset transportation, IT and crypto, blockchain technology, security, banknote design, security inks, tamper-proofing, etc. SMD Security strives to show that holding crypto assets is not that complex as many people think. 

The SMD team consists of top professionals: EPFL engineers, security architects, gold and precious metals brokers, and financial advisors. In front of the idea of Icynote is CEO of SMD Security Martin Demierre, the professional engineer, crypto enthusiast, and a true entrepreneur in the field of innovation.

Icynote is the first cold paper wallet. It promises to change our lives in many spheres. How did this idea come to Martin Demierre? 

Working on investments in precious metals and keeping them in vaults in Switzerland for many years, investors, among which Martin Demierre was, came up with the solution to store their digital assets in the same way: on a secure medium that can be placed in the safe deposit box as precious metals.

According to the World Bank data, around 1.7 billion people around the world don't have access to bank accounts. Banks have too much power and control over regular citizens, and that’s the problem of the modern financial world. 

The cryptocurrency was created to make everyone an equal member of society, and Icynote is that very instrument bringing this idea to the masses, making cryptocurrencies available for everyone.

Why Icynote?

This is one of the safest paper documents – from design up to printing materials. Icynote has about 30 protective features, and that’s what makes this brand truly unique. With Icynote you get full access to managing your assets in the safest way possible, so to say, you have full financial freedom.

Besides, simplicity and ease of use. To start using Icynote is easier than you can imagine.  You need literally a couple of minutes and steps to begin: buy Icynote, fill it up with BTC, and start operating them whichever way you want: spend, send, receive.

What’s more, Icynote looks like a regular banknote, with the same size and weight: optimal to fit in wallets, like euro, Swiss franc, or dollar banknotes. 

What about security? Can you tell us more?

Yes, security is the main component of Icynote as well as of any other crypto wallet. I’d like to name a few:

  1. Complete randomness

Bitcoin addresses are created randomly, and our random generator is created by a Quantique photon counter machine – truly new technology.

  1. Special materials

The banknotes are made of 100% high-density polyethylene: it’s lightweight, recyclable, water- and tear-resistant. You can even put it in the washing machine, and nothing bad will happen to your Icynote!  

  1. Inks

The inks are special, the same as for financial security documents: banknotes, stocks, bonds, checks, passports... Say that the Swiss Franc banknotes are made from the same inks.

  1. OVB Holograms

In Icynote banknotes, we use the same holograms as the Swiss Government for official documents. It has a unique seal of authenticity and meets the highest security standards. 

  1. Electronic Signature

To verify the authenticity of digital messages or documents, we use a digital signature. 

Our wallets are signed with the private key and a mobile application – with the public key. It helps to control that the Icynote you’ve got was released by our company. Also, with this signature, you can be sure the app downloaded from the AppStore or Google Play is valid. 

  1. Integral and unique

We have swiss notary proof of integrity, authenticity, non-repudiation, and unicity. After the banknote is produced, all the hard drives are destroyed. Files used in the printer are deleted after the production, and there is absolutely no possibility to replicate them.

That’s not all, actually. Just several key protective functions that distinguish Icynote.

How can I start using Icynote?

As I told you before, it takes just a few minutes to start.

  1. Buy Icynote from a safe place, and check its authenticity with our app. 
  2. Charge your Icynote by sending your cryptocurrencies to the public key.
  3. Store your Icynote in a safe place or exchange it as a payment method.
  4. You can also withdraw your cryptocurrencies from Icynote by using your private key. This private key, although printed, is masqued. To access it, simply scratch off the hologram.

How can I send BTC to Icynote?

You can buy Bitcoins and send them to the address in the Icynote. To avoid a mistake in the address, use the QR code. After you’ve sent BTC to Icynote, you can check its balance in the app by scanning the QR.

  • Then, you can spend BTC or transfer them to another cold wallet.
  • You can use Icynote as cash, pay for goods or services.
  • To transfer your funds to another cold wallet, scratch off the hologram and use the embedded private key.
  • Actually, you can use Icynote as a cold wallet. It stands the temperature from -40 up till 60 degrees Celsius and endures the whole washing machine cycle, and the inks are protected: Icynote can store your BTC for 20 years. 

Icynote is a cold paper wallet for managing BTC assets. Why have you started with BTC? Why not Ethereum, or any other crypto?

Bitcoin is cryptocurrency №1. Almost everyone in the world knows about it, but hardly everyone has knowledge about altcoins. We’ve noticed that more and more people are getting interested in ETH and USDT, so these are our next goals for future direction.

What’s your vision of the Icynote future? What are the perspectives?

Icynote is the easiest way to start using cryptocurrency for those who have never used it before. At the same time, Icynote is an advantageous solution for advanced cryptocurrency users, as it will enable them to pay each other as if in cash, without commission and transaction tracking.

We are expecting a big amount of new users and we are ready to offer them the possibility to use different cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, USDT, etc.  Being a Swiss company, our mission is to keep your cryptocurrency safe and your privacy respected.

On the whole, Icynote is the first-of-its-kind item that will bring crypto to the masses, and make our life easier. We’re now able to use BTC as regular money. Who knew back then that some years later crypto will get physical shape?

It may seem that Icynote goes separate ways with the digitalization of money, however, it doesn’t; Icynote adds a new option to the digital world. Moreover, it is available for everyone: one Icynote costs about 9$! So easy and available for everyone. 

Don’t wait a moment, take a chance to test this product and become one of the pioneers who contributed to the future of finances! 

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